Helen Carter


Life is stressful. We all need support now and then. I commend your courage for reaching out to me, or to anyone else, for support.

I can provide a safe place for you to express yourself, and learn skills that will help you better manage stress in your life by tweaking, or transforming, the way you think, feel and act.

* What do you want out of life? What do you want, today?

*What would you like to do to become happier, healthier and more fulfilled?

*How are your beliefs limiting you and is it time to do something about them?

*Do you want to feel more connected to others and have better relationships?

*Is it time to make a change by letting go those habits that no longer work for you ?

Please contact me for a free and confidential phone consultation. Let’s see if we can work together to achieve your goals. 

I rent an office in Redwood City at 165 Arch St, a block west of El Camino Real, between Brewster and Hopkins, with some spots available also on week-ends and evenings.

Along with rich and varied life experiences living and working in the Bay Area, Europe and Asia, I have excellent training in the latest, most effective, evidence-based therapies and techniques. I work with individuals, couples, and various family members together.

For more information, please see my profile on Psychology Today:

Looking forward to hearing from you! In the meantime, I wish you well.

Helen Carter MACP MA(Dubl) HDipEd
Marriage & Family Therapist Registered Intern 88326
Emotionally Focused Couple and Family Therapist
Supervised by Peter Coster PhD MDiv LMFT 24853
Center for Psychotherapy, Spirituality and Creativity.
Tel.: 650 267 4508
E-mail: 4suiochan@gmail.com

Hatred never ceases by hatred. By non-hatred alone does it end. This is an ancient truth. 
The Buddha.