Sonya Denise Ullrich

About Me

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I am a trauma specialist with a decade of experience with Somatic Experiencing, twenty years in the helping professions, and a background in human ecology.  I have been on the receiving end of less-than-helpful therapy before, which is why I take pride in consistently serving clients with an empowering, holistic, and highly trained approach. I provide clients with the individualized care they need, specializing in the psychotherapeutic use of touch and cultivating safety in relationships.

I have experience working with children and families in a range of contexts as well as with individuals struggling with PTSD, trauma histories, mood issues, chronic shame, and both chemical and process addictions. My training in Feldenkrais movement education has shown me how our brains can heal and change. I am passionate about human rights, traditional ecological knowledge, and cross-cultural understanding. I delight in every chance to work internationally and welcome clients with diverse backgrounds, experiences and identities.

Individual Therapy

Get individualized, interdisciplinary care informed by scientific research, healing traditions, and social justice principles. It will be an honor to help you address your symptoms and move toward greater ease, empowerment, and connection with yourself and others. As a trauma therapist, I treat individuals with a range of histories. Trauma is defined not by the event, but by the boundary rupture of or accumulated stress in your nervous system.  I have a successful track record of treating related symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger, shame and dissociation.

This is a capacity-building approach in which we attend to your strengths, loves, and resources in conjunction with moving through the unmanageability. I have training in Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, Gestalt, psychodramatic action methods, and psychotherapeutic touch. I can provide personal session hours for SE students at all levels and am available for online and phone sessions. 

Couples & Families

Body awareness is a powerful foundation from which to witness our experience of threat and safety with each other, engender compassion for each other, and move toward creating safety for each other.  Practicing this kind of attention and repair in session leads to a whole new awareness of each other in conflict and in daily life. Even clients who have had a great deal of traditional therapy report lasting learning as a result of this approach. I was trained by Stan Tatkin in the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT) and in the work of family therapist Virginia Satir, using these approaches to work with couples and families struggling with issues from financial stress to addiction and affairs. Learn how you react, how your histories color your daily interactions and how to cultivate relationships based on collaboration, justice, mutuality, and safety.


Connect to a new community focused on growing, getting well, and getting through it. Learn new things. Share stories and ideas. I approach groups as a collaborative experience involving education, discussion, and experiential exercises. Please contact me if you’re interested or look at the events page to find forming and ongoing groups. My training for group facilitation comes from my Somatic Experiencing, Feldenkrais, and psychodrama studies, teaching and working in treatment centers with a focus on group therapy.