The  Center for Psychotherapy, Spirituality & Creativity provides registered MFT Interns  with a unique opportunity to begin their own practice,make money and to develop personally and professionally.


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Since  2005 CPSC has been  committed to providing clinicians with the support, training and skills necessary to have a successful practice by the time they become licensed.

Unlike a clinic or agency which is  designed to  provide you with clients,  we assist you in  marketing and promoting your self as a competent clinician who has the skills,  professional development and personal maturity to  command a fee which enables you to make money as you move toward obtaining your MFT license.

Our program is designed for interns who feel called and ready to begin their own practice with a maximum amount  independence and autonomy.  What this means is that you have the option of practicing out of our three  offices located in North Berkeley, or to  open an office of your choosing anywhere in the Bay Area under our auspices. CPSC offers you individual and group supervision, or you may hire your own supervisor or join a supervision group that may be more suitable in terms of meeting times or theoretical  orientation.

 In establishing your own practice you are free to move at your own pace, decide how many clients you want to carry, what fees you want to charge, etc. We are there to support and guide you through all of these decisions. We help develop your professional identity by  gaining clarity about the type of therapy that you offer and the kinds of clients you wish to serve.  Once you become established you will  receive income in the form a stipend which will range from 45-60% of your total client fees.

The type of supervision you can expect to receive is designed to empower you to find your own voice  and develop your  theoretical orientation drawing upon the best of  relational psycho-dynamic, Jungian-Analytic, existential-humanistic and somatic body-based therapies that are grounded in attachment-affect-shame theory and held within a holistic frame which honors the spiritual and sacred dimension of the human experience.

Our  supervision groups provide  a safe holding and supportive environment in which to grow as a therapist .  We encourage open and honest conversations which include the exploration of how our personal process and growing edges are always present within the therapeutic dyad.

If this internship model feels right for you, then the next step is for us to have a conversation by phone in order to answer any questions you may have, and to provide  more details about joining the CPSC community.

Best Wishes,

Peter H. Coster, PhD

Executive and Clinical Director


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