Associate Members

Eleanor Lew, MA,
Registered MFT Intern # 47112
Supervised by Peter Coster, Ph. D., MFT #24853

Many cultures describe the three fold nature of the Self as the person we show to others, the person we believe we are, and the person we truly are. Often it is a crisis of some sort that causes us to wonder and question who we really are. My earlier professional life had been in business but when my own life underwent some major changes, I pursued my deeper interests in psychotherapy. I specialize in guiding clients into “care of the soul,” to find the essence of who they really are through psychospirituality. (For further information on care of the soul and psychospirituality, please click on the “articles” link. — coming soon.)

I especially enjoy working with a diverse population of adults, families and couples who want to work through adult transitions and relationship issues.

My area of expertise includes healing from past sexual/childhood abuse and emotional neglect; transforming limiting habits of thinking and acting; aging; letting go of shame-trauma; stress management; adult and career transitions; couple’s issues; cultural/diversity issues; therapy as spiritual exploration, i.e., discovering our authentic identity and our own divinity within.

My training includes Positive Psychology, i.e., psychology that studies what healthy and highly functional people do at work and in personal relationships. I incorporate into my work with individuals and couples Body-oriented Psychotherapy and meditative techniques. I also draw on Depth-oriented Brief Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, knowledge of the enneagram, dream studies, and Transpersonal Psychology. Teaching clients how to communicate effectively, compassionately and non-violently through the use of empathy is an integral part of my practice. I have a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the School of Holistic Studies, John F. Kennedy University. A clinical hypnotherapist, I am also trained in EMDR, a technique used with many kinds of trauma.

In addition to my practice, I give presentations and workshops on effective communication, multicultural diversity issues, raising self-esteem; sexual/childhood abuse, and on navigating the ins and outs of adult life transitions.