How life experiences lead to the development of unhelpful beliefs

In order to really understand the development of unhelpful beliefs, you need to consider the connection between your (negative) life experiences and the development of your core beliefs about them self (e.g. I am inadequate) and core beliefs about others (e.g. other people are untrustworthy). As humans, we often label ourselves (I am inadequate) or others (untrustworthy) based on a single experience, incident, or action. And from that we form lifelong biases and unhelp beliefs that we carry with us into all future relationships, actions, events, etc.… Thankfully, understanding the problem is the first step to finding a solution.

Negative Feelings

Feelings such as anxiety, depression, anger, and guilt are often rooted in low opinions of one self. If you regularly battle such thoughts, you might very well suffer from problems with low self-esteem. If you believe that you are only worth what you have achieved in the office, in finance, or in attractiveness, your self-esteem will plummet the minute those things do. It is best that people who find themselves in situations addicted to poker or online gambling take steps to move forward. Self-esteem is rooted in the idea of estimating or measuring your worth. If you are faced with low self-esteem then you believe yourself to be estimated or measured as low in value, and vice versa.

Not a gambler forever

It is important that you avoid labelling yourself based on single events or emotions. If you gave into an online slots game once with and spent all of the money you were meant to spend elsewhere, that does not make you addicted to gambling forever. If you played an online poker game instead of going to a casino for a full year in your twenties, that does not make you a gambler forever.

And by the same token, if you achieved success in one poker game that does not make you successful forever in that game. You won’t necessarily win each time. It is for this reason that you must avoid basing your self-esteem on a single experience, action, or incident.

You are based on the totally of your characteristics, not on a single one, a single thought, or a single intention. As such, finding the life experience that stands at the root of your core belief can help you to rectify that core belief and let go of the unhelpful beliefs you have carried with you throughout life.

Find out your core beliefs about online gambling, about poker games, and about real gambling. Figure out whether you truly do feel they are good or bad, and why. Perhaps you have these feelings for the wrong reasons. In any case, figuring it out will help you to learn when and where to partake of virtual poker games or gambling. You can learn to forgive the flaws in other people and yourself until your each a point where they no longer result in unhealthy thoughts and behaviors you hold about everyone.

Many people overlook imperfections they have while condemning those same imperfections in other people. This relates directly to what you believe to be important, your level of self-esteem, and your flexibility. For example, you might be a good student, but you struggle with examinations and in spite of earnest studying, you often forget what you learned come test day.

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