Todd Harvey

Todd Harvey

Cell 510-847-5957, Office 510-423-8633, Fax 510-722-2712
Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern
Supervised by Peter Coster, Phd., M.Div., MFT #24853 at
The Center for Psychology, Spirituality, and Creativity
* EMDR Trained.
* The Psychotherapy Institute graduate,
* MS from SFSU, BS & MCP from UC Berkeley.

For more information about how I work, please see my website at:
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EDUCATION:I am Todd Harvey. I earned my MFCC from San Francisco State University and am a graduate of a post-masters training program, The Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley, and am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

“We’re just getting married!” Pre-marital counseling is a “must”. It can set your relationship on a totally different trajectory and prevent a lot of pain in the future.

“We’re in a lot of pain and don’t know if this relationship will work!” If your relationship has already went down the wrong trajectory for a bit, you may be suffering from a breakdown of intimacy. This can lead to communication problems, unfair fighting, tension, infidelity, fights around sex, money, or tension around boundaries with the in-laws, etc. I create a framework to discuss the current challenges by slowing the conversation down (preventing the normal escalation patterns that have evolved in your relationship) and creating a space where listening and empathy are expected. No matter how extreme your initial struggles are, they are almost always symptom of a breakdown of intimacy in the relationship. In my approach to therapy, I work with you to create a different culture in your relationship. I work with my couples to your relationship from where it currently is into a relationship where both of you have faith that both of you can be seen for who you really are. In the process of doing this, we will also discuss how to fight fair, communication skills that allow you to communicate what you need without triggering your partner, and practical couple-specific suggestions.

“But my partner doesn’t believe it will help!” I have confidence in my abilities of creating a therapeutic space that can be healing for relationships. I prize myself in working with couples where one member of the couple arrives “kicking and screaming” (aka is a lot less interested in counseling).

EMDR: EMDR is a technique that is empirically validated that is extremely helpful with helping clients who have experienced trauma to effectively work through their traumas and as a result have their nervous system go back to normal. In a nutshell, how it works, is we through processing painful events while doing “bilateral stimulation” (you watching my hand go back and forth), we are tricking your nervous system to allow access to a part of your brain that stores the trauma memory and keeps it in that frozen place where your nervous system still thinks you have to worry about the trauma being present. Simple Traumas (painful, but one time traumas) can be dealt with typically between 4 and 12 sessions. More Complex Traumas (from ongoing abuse) can be eradicated as well, but it does take longer because there is more that needs to be cleared.

I would love to set up an initial consultation for FREE that could allow you to experience EMDR working on a minor issue you have so you can experience the confidence that it will help you overcome your hyper-vigilence/PTSD/over-stimulated nervous system.

TEENAGERS: I also really enjoy working with teenagers. Most of my one-on-one experience with teens is with boys, helping them learn other ways to navigate their relationships with family members, friends, and at school. Computer addiction (World of WarCraft and other games) is often an attempt at mastery that they don’t feel they’ve access too in other realms of their lives. I have an uncanny ability to join the teenagers in their own worlds and use their metaphpors as a way of building trust. Once there is leverage in my therapeutic mentoring relationship, they use me as a resource to learn how to navigate their other lives.

My people usually come to me with anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, addictions, an inability to make decisions, people who suffer from perfectionism, low self-esteem, or an inability to set boundaries. I find that in addition to addressing the presenting pain that brings you to therapy and helping to address those symptoms, we’ll jointly gain an understanding of where your struggles came from. All of us have learned how to relate in the world from our families and significant relationships, cultural background, religious background, etc. In addition to exploring how to navigate life differently, gaining a compassionate understanding of how you got to where you are; We will also use the therapeutic relationship as a space to ameliorate the attachment wounds that create the patterns that set you up for painful life experiences. I work from a relational psychodynamic perspective and believe that by experiencing a safe space where you are unconditionally accepted, some of the wounds that have impacted you from when we were very young (that set us up for symptoms in the present) will be transformed.

I love working with people who struggle with depression, anxiety, perfectionism, having to be right, people who have learned that love is something that is earned through performance, and people that have complex relationships with their faith or previous faith.

For more information about how I work, please see my website at:
For an appointment, please call 510-686-3390 or email