We can help you with the following concerns:
Adult transitions/marriage, divorce, new birth, death and loss.
Emotional problems: depression, anxiety, anger, fear, emptiness and loss of meaning in life.
Transforming limiting habits of thinking and acting.
Relationship difficulties: conflict, communication, lack of intimacy.
Couples counseling.
Family problems: communication, school, discipline, divorce, blended family.
Work: stress, dissatisfaction, career exploration and transition
Feeling stuck in life: underachieving, not able to realize your dreams and potential.
Sexual issues and difficulties: Sexual addictions, internet pornography, sexual anorexia.
Survivor of childhood abuse, sexual, physical, emotional.
Adult child of alcoholic family and/or dysfunctional family patterns.
Survivor of dysfunctional church and religion.
Substance abuse: evaluation, counseling and referral.
Women’s issues.
Men’s issues
Spiritual homelessness: questions of spiritual identity and belonging.
Issues related to shame and self esteem: social anxiety, fear of failure, fear of success.
Religious and spiritual clergy abuse.
Spiritual Emergence
Creative Resilience