John Kravitz

John Kravitz, M.A., CHTJohn

Registered MFT Intern # IMF84111
Supervised by Peter Coster, Ph.D., MFT #24853
Center for Psychotherapy, Spirituality & Creativity (CPSC)

     Currently Supporting Adults and Couples

              Experiencing Challenges With:


Anger, Anxiety, Commitment, Compassion (self and other),
Communication, Depression, Divorce, Emptiness, Fear,Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 5.33.32 PM
Finding Freedom in a busy lifeGettingOlder (I/he/she not what we used to be), Grief (humans and pets), Habit Change (exercise, smoking, porn, internet), Healing (new and old wounds, unresolved childhood issues), Identity Issues, Infidelity, Lack of Intimacy, Lack of  DirectionLife Balance, Life Transitions, Loss, Loneliness, Men’s Issues, Mindful LivingNegative Self Image/talk, Open Relationships (Poly and other non-traditional), Parents, Personal Growth, Pre-marital and Post-marital Relationship Rules and Roles, Self-Esteem, Self-Expression, Spiritual Growth, Stress, Trauma

I’m guessing you landed on this site because you are feeling the effects of life “smalling you up” or worse.  You are looking for a way to take your life back or to make sense of your experience in the world.  Perhaps you desire to be more effective or to overcome longstanding persistent conditions that hold you back.  You might be quite accomplished in some areas of your life but still experience a sense of confusion, sadness, longing or emptiness.  You may be experiencing challenges associated with lovers, couple-hood, marriage, divorce or other significant relationships such as friends, family or co-workers. The effect of these common experiences of life can be given “diagnostic names” like anxiety, depression, compulsion, phobia, etc.  It is important to remember that those names refer to concepts drawn as a psychological map and a map can never adequately reflect the terrain that is your life, your world.  Your wise inner self is prompting you to seek a companion and guide now.  Deep down inside you understand that no matter what the surface looks like, change is possible for you. I believe that change is life.

I believe that the therapeutic relationship is sacred and the therapy room is a sacred container for the work of change.  The time we spend together is your time to heal, explore and grow without being judged.  To support your process I will draw from and integrate various approaches and theories which means that we will talk, perhaps work with hypnotism, mindfulness or access the wisdom stored in your body.  It’s the kind of process that respectfully honors yet challenges your limiting beliefs, values and perspectives.  Also please know that I am committed to providing culturally sensitive care to clients regardless of ethnicity, color, or sexual orientation.  Our diversity is what makes the world a beautiful place to be.

Looking at various agency and therapist web sites is a valuable exploration.  Hopefully your browsing will help clarify the kind of companion you need and perhaps assist you to better know what you want to achieve through a therapeutic relationship.  I attempted to design my site so you will have a good idea of the kind of therapist companion I am.  Please take a moment to click on the link and wander around there.  If I feel right to you, a free brief phone consultation is required prior to beginning our therapeutic journey.  I’ll be happy to clarify any questions you may have at that time.  I’ll also have a few questions for you to be sure that my background and training provide a clinically appropriate ground to help you achieve the results you seek. Check the contacts section to arrange that conversation or simply call me at 925-490-5569.

May you know freedom from suffering and experience that which gives rise to bliss.