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An all day workshop focusing on the integration of psychotherapy and spirituality.

The Nine Faces of God:

Integrating Shame and Attachment Theory with the Psycho-Spiritual Dynamics of the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is a comprehensive and holistic map which lays bare the psychological issues and spiritual dimension of the human journey towards the Divine.  While the Ennegram of the Personality describes the nine ways the soul gets fixated and stuck in rigid patterns, the Enneagram of the Holy Ideas presents the view of Reality which  the soul” remembers” and is  longing  to return to as its true Source.

This workshop will be an in-depth exploration of each of the nine ways the soul disconnects from Being to become a false self along  with nine distinct views and nine corresponding ways of being in the world. Insights from both shame theory and attachment research will help to illuminate the precise way each personality type attempts to both hide its true nature due to primary wounding, while still longing to reveal its true self and be seen.

As a result of this workshop, you will:

Develop an in depth understanding of the relationship between each of the ego fixations and the corresponding archetypal Holy Idea.

Understand how shame is central to each ego fixation and how attachment theory relates to shame and the nine strategic ways each of the ego fixations hide from this central shame core.

Learn how this knowledge can be applied to psychotherapy, spiritual direction, pastoral psychotherapy and personal growth

WHEN:  Saturday, October 13, 2012.    TIME:  10am-4pm

WHERE:  1940 Virginia Street, Berkeley

COST:  $125.00 ($110.00 prior to Oct. 6, 2012)

TO REGISTER:  Send check to CPSC, 1940 Virginia Street, Berkeley, and CA. 94709



Battling the Inner Critic

Sometimes referred to as “Top Dog”,the “Judge”or the “Internal Saboteur,”our internal negative voices have become familiar and consistent companions. When we unknowingly agree with their debilitating accusations it does harm to our soul. This inner voice,when believed,eats away at our sense of self,crippling our creativity and spiritual potential.

In this workshop we will:

Explore the psychodynamic and spiritual aspects of the inner critic.

Understand the reasons why we are prone to believe these harmful judgments.

Learn how to recognize internal attacks.

Practice way of defense and dis-engagement.

Time:9-3 (registration @ 8:30am).




For more information or registration call 510-548-1713.


The Spiritual Psycho-Dynamics of the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a powerful and affective tool for developing self awareness and understanding,promoting personal growth and spiritual development. But how can this knowledge be applied psychotherapeutically in the clinical setting?

This advanced training seminar will present an overview of the Enneagram as a complete system consisting of a metaphysical map along with the specific psychodynamics for each of the nine fixations

The objectives for this course are to:

Develop an appreciation of the Enneagram as a complete system.

Understand the relationship between each of the nine fixations (vices) and the corresponding Holy Ideas.

Learn how to use the Enneagram as a tool for diagnosis and assessment in treatment.

Begin to apply the spiritual psychodynamics of the Enneagram to specific clinical Situations.

Cost:6 CUE’s:$125.00


Who should attend:psychologists,psychotherapists,marriage and family therapists,pastoral counselors,spiritual directors,nurses,social workers,life coaches.

Prerequisites:A basic knowledge of the Enneagram.

Recommended reading:A.H. Almass,Facets of Unity. Riso &Hudson,The Wisdom of the Enneagram.

For more information or registration call 510-548-1713.