Training & Certification

A 9 Month Post-Master’s Training Progarm leading to Certification in Spiritually Informed Psychotherapy.
Course Objectives:

To develop sound theoretical basis for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of
psychological issues within a spiritually informed paradigm.

To learn and implement psycho-spiritual practices (meditation, contemplative inquiry, active imagination) in a clinically sound way supported by reasoned theory and judgment.
The develop of a therapeutic self as the main instrument for healing.

Course Objectives:

Applied meditation practices
Relevant Readings
Didactic Presentations
Case Presentations
Experiential exercises
Process papers and personal journal
Class project and presentations.

Applicants should be licensed, registered interns, or show evidence of possessing maturity as clinicians with suitable life experience. Psychoanalysts, Psychotherapists, Pastoral Counselors, Other Healing Arts Practitioners with strong psychodynamic background.

Meetings will take place once per month.