What is psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is the art and practice of caring for soul by giving the soul loving attention.
What is soul?
Soul embodies the creative and imaginative possibilities of our true nature. When the soul is not honored, appreciated and allowed to flourish, our soul may manifest as psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety and meaninglessness. When we seek help through psychotherapy to alleviate these symptoms we are attending to the soulís inherent desire to grow.
What is a spiritually informed psychotherapy?
Modern science and the wisdom from the world’s spiritual traditions are not in opposition to one another. Today we recognize that a holistic approach to health must include the mind, body, soul and the spiritual dimensions of life. This holistic vision is informed by the spiritual resources that are inherent to our being in collaboration with contemporary psychotherapeutic practices.
What is Spirituality?
Spirituality is not the same as institutional religion. Spirituality is not a set of beliefs or dogmas. We are spiritual beings by nature. Spirituality is about who we are and how we live our lives from day to day. Spirituality is the embodiment of those ultimate values and concerns that give our life meaning, purpose and dignity.
How long does therapy usually take?
There is no easy way to answer this, for therapy is a very individual journey. Much depends upon what your goals are, how much you would like to achieve and the particular stage of life you are at. Therapy is a collaboration and talking with your therapist about these concerns will help answer your questions.
How much will it cost?
Your fee will be decided between you and your therapist, based upon a sliding scale. Fees range from $50 to $150.
Does this approach involve religion in any way?
No. Our staff has training and certifications in pastoral psychotherapy and counseling and is ready to discuss religious issues with you if you wish to.
How long is a typical therapy session?
A session is 50 minutes. There may be times when it becomes advantageous to meet for longer for a specific reason, but that is something agreed upon between you and your therapist.
How often do sessions take place?
Normally sessions are once or twice a week. In some cases in may be beneficial to meet more than twice a week or some period of time.
I was thinking of starting therapy, but want to come every other week. Is this OK?
Yes, but it is important to think about your reasons for wanting to do so. They may be legitimate, such a limited funds. Therapy requires a commitment of time as well as resources. It is generally recommended that therapy be at least once a week, especially at the beginning.
Can I use insurance?
Yes, you may be able to use your insurance. It is always best to check with your carrier to see what your coverage is, what the co-payment is and how many sessions are authorized per year.