CPSC Director and Clinical Supervisor


Offering more than 30 years experience as a licensed psychotherapist working with couples, adults undergoing midlife transitions, relationship issues and existential identity. I work within a spirituality-informed contemporary psychoanalytic psychotherapy perspective, which draws upon Jungian, existential, relational and cognitive behavioral orientations.

I am trained in pastoral counseling and psychotherapy and have a special interest helping people discover a healthy spirituality that is free from shame, guilt and fear. I work with many clients who combine 12-Step Recovery with individual psychotherapy.

I also work with survivors of emotional, sexual or physical abuse as-well-as individuals who identify as adult children of narcissistic parents who struggle with toxic shame, codependency and self-identity.

My background includes teaching, supervising, and mentoring. I serbved as a clinical supervisor and adjunct faculty at the John F. Kennedy Center for Holistic Counseling
for 18 years.

Licensure & Certifications

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, 1989

  • Board Certified American Association of Psychotherapists

  • Licensed Clinical Pastoral Therapist, AACT, Diplomat

  • Certified Clinical Supervisor, CAMFT

  • The Ridhwan School for Spiritual development, 10 years

  • The Enneagram Institute, 3 years

  • The Diamond Logos Teaching, 10 years

  • Trauma Certification PESI


Believing that much of our communication is by means of affect (non-verbal and emotional), as a clinical supervisor I am interested in developing both the analytic and intuitive functions of the therapist.

By listening to our own bodily sensations, feelings and reactions we become better equipped to assist our clients who are attempting to find words to describe their experience. Our task is to provide a safe place for the emerging creative-self to find his/her voice, and to accompany our clients on the path of discovery.

I supervise individuals as-well-as conduct group supervision for CPSC associates.
I am available for consultation in-person, by phone or via internet.

Please email me at: or call (510) 548-1713.