What is a private practice internship?

CPSC is a non-profit umbrella under which you will have the opportunity to build your own practice and learn how to become fully independent once you get licensed.

Our internship program is designed for those Associates who feel called and ready to start building a practice with the support and guidance of other seasoned clinicians.

How is CPSC different from other internships in the Greater Bay Area?

CPSC is not an agency or center with one location from which you must practice. You can hire your own individual supervisor or join one of several supervision groups that fits best with your theoretical orientation and schedule.

Can I make my own decisions about the way I want to practice?

Yes, you get to set your own hours, choose your own clients and set your own fees. You choose the location of your office with the potential of it becoming your own office once your become licensed. We are there to support and guide you through all of these decisions. We help you develop your professional identity by gaining clarity about the type of therapy you wish to offer and the types of clients you wish to serve.

In essence, we give you the experience of practicing independently and without the constrictions that are placed upon Associates in other agencies.

How do I get clients?

Our referral base continues to grow and you may get clients directly from our website. Most of your clients will come from the marketing that you will put in place just like you would as a fully licensed therapist. We will assist you in developing and implementing a marketing strategy that will help you build a successful practice.

Will I make any money?

Yes! Our purpose is to give you the experience of practicing independently and this means earning an income for the work you do.

The amount you earn depends on:

1) Your client fees, which you are free to determine.

2) The amount of overhead it costs you to run your practice.

Once you become established, you can expect to earn 50-70+% of your client income.

When can I start?

We welcome applications at any time. Download the Associate Manual for further details and apply here.

What do I need to do before applying?

Possibly the most important thing to think deeply about is your desire and readiness to begin this journey. You are going to be starting your own business and for it to succeed it is important to plan ahead and be prepared for the various challenges that you will encounter.

Do I need to have clients to begin?

No, you can begin your internship with us without clients for a nominal fee which will allow you to begin marketing yourself so that you will generate referrals start to earn an income.

Is this all legal?

Yes, absolutely. As a non-profit corporation we have the freedom to operate out of multiple locations. You are “employed” as a volunteer, not a contract worker, and you are operating legally under a licensed professional.

A Brief History

CPSC was founded in 2005 by Peter Coster, PhD, LMFT as a post-graduate training internship for graduates of John F. Kennedy University who had completed their practicum training at the Center for Wholistic Counseling in Oakland, CA. Peter was a clinical supervisor at the Center for Holistic Counseling for 18 years and students began to inquire about the possibly of continuing under Peter's supervision after leaving the Center. Because of the restrictions placed upon LMFT's who hire intern Associates to work under their license, it made more sense to start a non profit 501 (c) 3 corporation which allows more options for both supervisor and supervisee.

Vision & Mission

CPSC's vision and mission is to empower MFT Associates who have the readiness, competence and courage to begin a private practice while completing the 3000 required hours that lead to licensure. Recognizing that there are other options and models for internships throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, CPSC is suited for those who desire greater independence than a center or clinic provides, along with the greater responsibility that comes with that independence.

Psychotherapy, Spirituality & Creativity

CPSC encourages, supports and teaches within a holistic framework where the boundary between psychotherapy and spirituality meet. Psychotherapy is the practice of giving the soul loving attention by honoring the symptoms that lie within the psyche and soul.

Healing comes when we are restored to our truest selves and connected to the Source of all creativity.


The aim of our internship program is to provide a holding environment for each person to grow into the best therapist they can be by finding and trusting the inner authority of one’s own voice.


We welcome applications at any time. The application process is broken down into three steps.

Step 1. Send us a copy of your resume along with a cover letter stating your interest in beginning a practice with us.

Make sure to include:

  • your current status: student, trainee, or registered intern.

  • are you seeing clients now and, if so, how many will you be bringing with you?

  • are you currently employed at another agency or have another job that plan to keep?

  • an approximate date you would like to begin. This can be a range of several months.

Step 2. Once we receive your resume and cover letter you will be contacted by Peter Coster, CPSC Director or Alex Hoeplinger, Coordinator of Requirement for an interview which may be by phone or in person.

Step 3. Having decided to join CPSC you now need to complete the To Do list found in the CPSC Associate Manual. A final meeting will be arranged with the Director, Peter Coster to determine your start date, sign the necessary forms of agreement, go over the accounting process.

If you have additional questions or concerns about the application process please contact:

Peter H. Coster, PhD
(510) 548-1713
(707) 228-5508